Where We Ride

We are based in Sonoita, Arizona, a short 45 minute scenic drive from Tucson and ride in some of the most scenic parts of southern Arizona. The area has a rich history of the Old West. In 1856 Fort Buchanan was established a short distance from our ranch to protect settlers and miners from the maurading Apache. When Geronimo surrendered, he was taken to Fort Huachuca, just a short 30 minute drive from us. Yes, this is where it really happened!

The historic town of Tombstone is 45 minutes east and lays claim to the most famous gunfight in American history. If you've got time, plan on spending a few hours touring the "town to tough to die."

We have access to a very large private ranch for our popular wine tasting rides and 3 hour rides. Wyatt Earp rode the same range and the shootout where he killed Curly Bill Brocius is almost in sight. We like to share our knowledge of the American west and talk about the many movies that were filmed in the area. such as: Tombstone, Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer; Red River, John Wayne, 3-10 to Yuma, Glenn Ford; Winchester 73, Jimmy Stewart;McClintock, John Wayne; Tom Horn, Steve McQueen; Ulzana's Raid, Burt Lancaster; Giant, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean; Tin Cup, Kevin Costner; A Star is Born, Khris Khristopherson, Barbara Streisand; and the 1954 Musical: Oklahoma.

Our full day rides and pack trips cover a vast area of the Coronado National Forest. From our ranch, we can ride for five days in one direction and end up high atop the Huachuca Mountains at an elevation of 9,000 ft. Riding along Sunnyside Creek we'll ride among blue spruce, douglas fir, and pine trees as we climb our way up the cool mountains.

All our trail routes have a specific destination and are designed to afford spectacular scenic views and points of interest. We have trail routes that take us to Kentucky Camp, the best preserved mining camp in America; Bear Springs, along the Arizona Trail; High up Sawmill Canyon where we look north to Tucson and south to Mexico from 8,000 ft, or a scenic ride to a 1,200 foot escarpment over looking the old west town of Patagonia and the San Rafael Valley.


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