Three Hour Trail Rides

Responsive horses, great scenery, and knowledgeable trail guides make our 3 hour rides different then anything you'll experience in a typical "nose to tail" trail ride at an hourly rental stable. We've found that it takes about 1 1/2 hours or so for a person to get accustomed to their horse and for the horse to get used to their rider. You might be apprehensive when you ride out but we can almost gurantee you'll come back confident in the saddle.

We ride out from our ranch at either 9 am or 1pm. Rolling hills, lush grasslands, oak trees and canyons make this a great ride. Climbing to the ridgetops at 5000 ft you'll take in the grandeur of the surrounding mountain ranges. Don't forget your camera!

Wildlife observed includes whitetail deer, mule deer, mountain lion, coatimundi, coyote, javelina, fox, red tail hawk, owl, and eagles.

Most of our rides are "private." We will not mix groups unless they are of similar age and riding experience.

Bottled water is provided and nylon rain ponchos in the event of expected rain. Temperatures here generally are 10 to 20 degrees cooler than Tucson and Phoenix. See current weather forecast.

The photos on this page were all taken on one of our 3 hour trail rides.



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