"I cannot express in words what a wonderful experience we had. It exceeded all of my expectations."
Maureen, Nappanee, IN

"I had such a wonderful time today on Zeke. It was one of the best times I ever had on a horse in my 16 years of riding." Tammy, Tucson AZ

"Four of us flew in from Tennessee..rode four days..different vistas every day. My husband and I will be back to see more. Willy and Zeke are by far the most superior mounts. We will request them when we come back. The riding was the challenge we had wanted and we're very happy with all four days. Thanks Ron and Marge for a wonderful mini-vacation." Bob & Lorraine, Hermitage, TN

"Many thanks to Arizona Horse Experience for an unforgettable day. The "Single" experience was truly amazing! ..The scenery, the history and professional, personable and experienced guide, Tim, made this a fabulous day!" Gloria Archuleta, Atlanta, GA

"Brenda and I are big city dwellers that do normal city things. Since we've been together we have always had a thirst for gritty, real adventure far away from the TV, shopping malls and comfort of our normal lives. We searched the papers, travel guides and the internet for that perfect getaway...and we FOUND IT! Ron and Marge's Arizona Horseback Experience was what we were looking for! What we wanted was a vacation like no other.
After sifting through tame, uninspiring horse adventures around the southwest part of the country, Brenda called Marge. She is a delight! She gave us an itinerary made to order. We chose what we wanted to do and HOW we wanted to do it. Could this be the gritty, hands on horse vacation we had been searching for? If so, where did we have to go to find it? It turned out to be waiting for us on the Arizona trail between Tucson and the Mexican border. It came in the form of a 5-day, 4 night trail ride complete with the grub and all the fixins on Ron’s hefty pack horse, Zach.
Ron, our seasoned cowboy guide is one of a kind. He’s the right man to show us mountains and valleys few people will ever witness. He and his horses are well prepared to carry us through some of the most beautiful Sonoran desert we could imagine.
Ron personally guided Brenda and I up mountains and down to valleys littered with old deserted mining camps and other settlements dating back a hundred years or more. He’s done the homework to tell how communities sprung up, prospered and withered away.
He knows a lot of the characters that made his chunk of Southern Arizona a big part of our “old west” heritage. Sitting around the campfire at night, smelling the scent of burning oak and juniper, listening to his tales and experiences makes the time after a hearty trail supper pass quickly. Sleep after a day in the saddle exploring mountain trails is welcoming.
Marge and her friend Paula hiked in to meet us on the trail the 4th night loaded down with thick juicy steaks for all. Ron and I rode the horses down to their truck to pick up additional hay and barley for our hungry animals. We cooked up those fresh steaks on an open campfire. Everybody ate well and laughed hard that night.
The next and last day of our ride, Ron showed us around old Sunnyside. Once a small mining community, all that remained were a few old wooden buildings and the remnants of an apple orchard. They seemed to whisper a tale of a hard, clean life lived long ago in a land where only the strong and adventurous survived.
Our thanks to Ron and Marge for taking us on a journey through the “real old west!"
Greg & Brenda Kemp, Houston, TX

"We're back in Massachusetts recovering from our trip to Arizona and we just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful outstanding Trail Ride we had with Tim and Travis. It's an experience Emily and I will always remember. We've been telling all our friends about the vistas we saw and about your amazing horses that took us up almost 8,000 feet to the top of the mountain. I was more impressed by the beauty of Arizona from being in Sonoita than I've ever been. Tim was so well informed, told such a good story, and was so friendly - and patient! Donna and Emily VanLuesan, Norwell, MA

"Just returned to San Antonio from Green Valley on a visit with my sister Paula and all I can think about is coming back to ride with you guys. What a wonderful experience I had riding Sammy and having the worlds cutest dog "Scottie" on our ride. Bonnie our guide was another plus with a ton of information of where we were riding." Lynda Burke, San Antonio, TX

"Once again, thank you so much for the most thrilling experience of my lifetime. The day began with your warm welcome and gracius approach to my first horseback experience. Chris was so understanding, patient and experienced as a trainer and guide. By the end of the day I fell love with Chief." Rosaline Willer, Phoenix, AZ

"A very heartfelt thanks for the wonderful time we four shared this past September. Andy and I are still glowing. I am passionate in my love and respect for all creatures and could not have tolerated, much less enjoyed a day with unloved horses. Yet we were blessed with two graceful hosts whose love and devotion are abundant both for each other and their horses. My days with Sam and Joe were absolutely perfect. I would not change a thing, not even the rain. How alive and how beautiful the day with such amazing creatures in such inspiring land. As a veterinarian I was delighted with the wonderful care and devotion you provide your horse campanions and will enthusiastically serve as a reference." Bridget Quatmann, DVM, Roanoke, VA


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