Southern Az Pack School

Scheduled by appointment - private course

Our pack school course is informative and covers all the basic information and skills to learn how to use pack horses.

This is a 4-day hands-on course. Monday and Tuesday instruction will be in Sonoita, Arizona, 45 minutes south of Tucson at a cool elevation of 5,000 ft. The overnight pack trip on Wednesday will be in the Huachuca Mountains, Miller Peak Wilderness and other portions of the Coronado National Forest.

The course includes:

  • Instruction Materials
  • Quality riding horses
  • Experienced pack horses
  • All necessary pack equipment
  • Lunch each day
  • Overnight Pack Trip with meals and camping gear

The price is $995 per person, plus tax, for 2 or more persons. $1430 for one person, plus tax. Advance reservations are required.

The course is limited to 6 people. Maximum weight limit is 200 lbs and BMI not to exceed 29.

Lodging is available in Sonoita for Monday and Tuesday at additional cost.

Your instructors will be Ron Izzo and Shannon Stuart of Arizona Horseback Experience.

Ron has over 29 years of commercial horse packing experience and has developed a number of special techniques to make for safe and enjoyable trips in the more remote regions of Arizona. He has had successfull comercial horse operations in Canyon De Chelly, Tucson and Sonoita and has been featured in various publications including, Western Horseman, Sunset Magazine, Alaska Airlines, and Arizona Highways. You will also find an interesting story about him in the book "Arizona" by Fred Hirschmann.

You'll find your instructors always willing to share their knowledge and skills with you. And by the way, expect to have a lot of fun!

Lesson Plan:

  • Overview
    • Why pack
    • What to expect
    • What we will accomplish
  • Pack horse
    • Selecting a pack horse
      • Conformation
      • Size
      • Temperament
      • Leading
      • Pecking order
    • Training a pack horse
      • Leading
      • Hooking Together
      • Picket Line
      • Mantee (cover tarp)
      • Britching
      • Panniers
      • Noise
      • Lash Rope
      • Picket Line
      • Free Work
    • Saddles
      • Decker
      • Sawbuck
      • Buying pack equipment
      • Care and Maintenance
      • Customizing
    • Pads
      • Special Pack Pads
      • Standard Saddle Pad
    • Panniers
    • Lash Rope
    • Mantee
    • Halter and Leadrope
  • Hitches
    • Box Hitch
    • Diamond Hitch
    • Double Diamon
    • Barrel
  • Packing the Horse
    • Weight
    • What to bring
    • How to pack Pannier
    • Top Pack
    • Mantee
    • Selecting the Right Hitch
    • One man or two
    • Other
  • Where are you going
    • Terrain
    • Will your horse fit
  • Horse Care
    • On the trail
    • What to eat
      • Hay
      • Pellets
      • Grazing
      • Hobbles
    • Water
    • Picket Line












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