Overnight Pack Trips

A great experience. Two to five days in the wilderness on horseback! Our pack trips take you back to a bygone era in the tradition of American pioneers who first explored the West.

We take our camping gear and food along with us using pack horses. Expect to move camp every night or two and travel in the more remote wilderness areas of southern Arizona. Depending on seasonal conditions we might travel along the Arizona Trail or ride to a mountain top at 9,000 ft.

We have access to endless miles of remote back country trails in the Coronado National Forest, Miller Peak Wilderness and Mt Wrightson Wilderness areas. As a matter of fact we can ride for five days in one direction from our ranch in Sonoita. Marge would then come and pick us up in our truck and trailer.

Help care for the horses and on a three day trip, expect to learn how to saddle and take care of your own horse!

We provide everything you need: meals, water, sleeping bag, ground cloth, and tent.

Deluxe Camp Out

These multiple day adventures are supported with four-wheel drive trucks. The first day we ride into base camp and ride a different route each day from there.

Camp is quite comfortable with tents, cots, chairs, enclosed porta-potty and cold drinks. There's nothing like sitting around a campfire a the end of a fun day talking about the day's ride.

These multiple day camp outs are very unique. You will bond with your horse in a special way. This is a true western outdoor experience you will cherish for a lifetime. Nothing compares to the companionship of our friendly horses and comfortable camps.



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