Horsemanship Class

Our Horsemanship Classes are personalized to meet your interests and skill level. All classes are "private," and run from 9 am to about 4:30 pm. Morning sessions focus on working with horses on the ground and arena riding. After lunch we go on a three hour trail ride to put to use particular riding skills.

Horsemanship 101 provides a basic skill level for novice riders or those just wanting to learn about horses. This class covers such areas as:

  • Basic safety around horses
  • Understanding why horses act the way they do
  • How to lead a horse safely
  • Grooming
  • Picking up and cleaning hoofs
  • How to put on a halter and bridle
  • Basic riding skills at a walk, trot and canter

Intermediate Horsemanship is designed for people who have some previous riding experience and want to build on their skills and knowledge base. This class can also be tailored for the prospective horse owner and includes such topics as:

  • Basic training concepts
  • Common horse behavior problems
  • Confirmation and physical examination
  • How to determine the age of a horse
  • Understanding the western saddle
  • How to saddle a horse
  • Advanced riding techniques
  • Use of leg clues and body position
  • Intermediate level trail riding skills

Advanced Trail Riding is an exciting course for the experienced rider who wants to improve riding skills in various types of terrain. In the morning we conduct and an assessment of riding skills then ride out for the remainder of the day. The course covers such areas as:

  • Partnership with your horse
  • How to ride difficult terrain such as ice and night riding
  • Navigation and landmarks
  • Picking your route through rough country
  • Managing endurance and physical condition of your horse
  • Emergency "pony" with bridle and reins


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